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blue chairs beach melaque

A beach vacation with learning

that inspires you.

Enjoy Melaque, Mexico.


Upcoming Vacations:

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  1. Ukulele    Nov 12-19 with Ben Hassenger

  2. Yoga and Qigong Adventure –   Nov 19-26 with Noel and Dawn

  3. Treating Infertility – Continuing Ed  for TCM Practitioners

                                             with Yuxiang Wang Nov 26-Dec 3 2018


General Information:

Your Hotel:

  • This boutique hotel is one year old. All rooms are clean and fresh, with private bathrooms and air conditioning.
  • A large common space on the top floor (under a ‘Palapa”/thatched roof) will serve as our main classroom and hang out area.
  • The hotel is located 2.5 blocks from the beach.
  • Friendly and accommodating staff.
  • Evening musical performances will be held on the palapa and in local bars/restaurants.


  • San Patricio Melaque is a fishing village on the Pacific Coast (between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta) that has become very popular with West Coast Canadians and Americans.
  • The community is friendly and appreciates tourism, as tourism has become it’s #1 industry. Fishing continues to be an important industry as well as farming in the surrounding areas.
  • There are diverse ecosystems in the area and numerous plants, and animals.



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photos courtesy of  Dawn Aarons, Sandra Banman and Mike Kane.

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