Offer to Residents of the Costa Alegre area- YOGA and QIGONG

Learning on Vacation invites residents of the Costa Alegre to join our classes. Pre-Registration is encouraged so we are prepared to host you well.

For Yoginis- Nov 20-24, 2018

Dawn and Noel at beach

We are pleased that Noel Wright R.AC, acupuncturist, Acupuncture and Yoga teacher, will be leading a course in Meridian Flow Yoga in Melaque from November 19th-26th, 2018. Dawn Aarons (Didi) will be hosting the week and teaching evening Qigong classes.

We have participants coming  for a package deal that includes hotel stay, meals and excursions. We invite locals to join us for classes.

If you will be in the area and would like to join for the classes, Yoga classes will be held on the Viva Maria dance floor from 8-9am on Tuesday November 20th, Wednesday Nov 21st, Friday Nov 23rd, and Sat Nov 24th. Qigong classes will be held at the Vayor Hotel from 6-7pm on Wed Nov 21st, Thurs  Nov 22nd, and Sat Nov 24th.

Noel teaches “Meridian Flow Yoga” – it is a gentle style which incorporates an understanding of the energy flow through the Meridians and their correspondences. It’s  yoga meets Chinese Medicine energetics – a combination that works. The class is open to all abilities. These classes could be of interest to Yoga Instructors who are interested in picking up a new approach/modality. Beginners are also welcome.

Qigong classes will expand on themes introduced in the yoga classes as well as emphasizing relaxation in movement, deep breathing, and universal connections.

Drop in fees will be 100p per class or 300 pesos for 4 classes (prepurchased).

Local participants will also have the option of joining for meals at a fee if this is arranged in advance.

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For more information about Noel and the activities planned that week  visit:

Yoga and Qigong Adventure