2019- Qigong with Dawn

This page includes details about the Qigong with Dawn week- Nov 23-30, 2019.

For general information about the hotel and the town, see the welcome page.

Combine Qigong and a Beach Vacation…does it get any better?

Delight in a week of self care and learning in a friendly Mexican beach town on the Pacific Coast.

This learning vacation will combine formal learning times with excursions and plenty of free time.

A delicious Mexican style breakfast will be served every morning. Local restaurants and grocery stores will be pleased to help you to enjoy delicious meals around town for lunch and dinner. At the same time your patronage will be a great benefit to the local economy (especially since November is the end of the “low season” and your pesos will make a real difference).

Enjoy the sun, sand and warmth of Melaque on a vacation you will never forget.

Qigong (“Work with Energy”) studies are open to all. No previous experience needed.

Cost: $900 (CAN) for the week includes:

Early bird special of $800 (CAN) if you register by August 15th, 2019

  • 7 nights accommodation – private room, private bathroom, air-conditioned
  • welcome dinner, 7 breakfasts
  • 5 morning Qigong Classes; 5 sunset Qigong practices
  • bike excursion (optional)
  • excursion by bus and boat to 2 nearby communities, lunch and sunset  (optional)
  • orientation and translation
  • Airport transfers from and to the Manzanillo airport to your hotel in West Melaque*
  • Note: this price does not include flights, lunches and dinners, and gratuities.

Learn more about activities and excursion options by clicking here.

Do you live in the neighbourhood? Click here to read about the special package for locals.

*prices are based on private rooms. For those who wish to share a room (1 Bed) a further $50 discount applies per person.

*air transfers are included for those arriving to Manzanillo airport late Monday afternoon. We  recommended participants fly to Mexico City first. From Mexico City the recommended flight is number 2568 with Aeromexico, which leaves Mexico City at 6;05pm (note that the time of this flight changed, it was at 4:30pm before. Times continue to be subject to change). More flight details (if you are coming from Toronto) here.

*those who want to come for fewer days can negotiate a pro-rated price. We can help make arrangements for those who want to stay for longer.

*$500 deposit required on booking with balance due by October 1st, 2019.  Refunds available (less $50 admin fee) until October 1st. No refunds after October 1st.

*this week has no minimum for number of participants. It is anticipated to be a small group.

For more information and registration: please contact Dawn at dawnmichelleaarons@gmail.com

Dawn Aarons

Dawn (known as Didi in Mexico) is the co-ordinator of Learning on Vacation, an acupuncturist, Tai Chi/Qigong enthusiast and meditator.


Dawn completed her Diploma of Acupuncture in 1996 at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (Toronto), after completing a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts- Dance Concentration at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) in 1991.  Dawn has studied Qigong with Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming, Master Hung, Ting Seng (tai chi fist and sword) and others. Dawn was awarded a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (2005) and won 2 Silver Medals at the Canadian Open Tai Chi Competition in 2009.

Dawn teaches with a focus on body alignment, balance and relaxation.  Her “journey not destination” approach includes humour and lots of individual attention.

Fluent in Spanish and well integrated into the Melaque community, Dawn will also lead excursions and assist however she is needed. She is thrilled to share her love of the area = and appreciates how introducing it to others helps her to keep seeing the place with fresh eyes.

Daily Schedule

  • 6:30 – Morning Walk (optional)
  • 8:15 – Silent Meditation
  • 9 – Breakfast
  • 10-12 – Class
  • 12- 6 – Free time (group lunches and activities optional)
  • 6-7 –Sunset Qigong
  • 7 – Free time (group dinners optional)

Week overview

  • Day 1 – travel day, welcome dinner and orientation
  • Day 2 – see schedule
  • Day 3 – see schedule plus (optional afternoon tour/activities)
  • Day 4 – see schedule plus (optional afternoon tour/activities)
  • Day 5 – see schedule  (tiangis market optional)
  • Day 6 – see schedule (afternoon and evening in Barra – Sunset Qigong in Barra)
  • Day 7 – free day (open to daylong tours or rest day), Group Dinner
  • Day 8 – closing circle, breakfast, travel day

What Qigong practices will we cover?

The focus of this week of learning will be on what I call Elephant Qigong.

We will focus on back health and what we can learn about the whole body through the back. And this includes the state of all the internal organs.

The curriculum will include:

  • Warm Up Qigong exercises
  • “Elephant Qigong” rolling down the spine
  • Qigong Set – TDB
  • Qigong meditation practices
  • Study of the Cervical Spine and Dermatome System (Allopathic Nerve System)
  • Study of the Back Shu Points along the Spine (Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral)  and their Organ Correspondences (Chinese Medicine)
  • Introduction to Zang Fu Organs (Chinese Medicine)
  • Balance, Bodymind, and Self Care 

Everyone welcome. No past experience with Qigong needed.

For more information and registration: please contact Dawn at dawnmichelleaarons@gmail.com