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Activities with Learning on Vacation

For a small town, Melaque and surrounding areas offer a lot of activity options.

The activities listed below are just some of the fun things you may want to do.The first section explains more about the activities that are offered as part of the package. The second section is a  list of other activity options.


Activities recommended in the package:

(all activities are optional of course)

Morning Activities include:


Hiking with Lola (Dawn’s dog) to the Mirador – a lookout approx. 30 minutes from the hotel. This hike is on a dirt road with an easy slope. Some community members chose to jog or cycle up the road.


Biking – bikes are available for under $2/day There is a beautiful lagoon on the other side of town. Or you can bike anywhere!


Yoga – a local yoga teacher offers a class from 8-9am. Participants might chose to walk or bike to yoga. 90 pesos (approx. $5) per class.


The beach –  walk, sit, meditate, enjoy a coffee…

Birdwatching – up the mountain, by the lagoon, or just outside your window.

Sleeping In – always a good option!


Planned Excursions


Bike trip to Jaluco – This morning ride will take us out of town and onto the back roads where you will see farmer’s fields and small communities.


Lunch in Colimilla – This outing includes taking the local bus in Melaque (you can think of it as a tour bus as it will take us all over town) to a nearby town, Barra de Navidad. From Barra we will take a short boat ride to a restaurant in a village called Colimilla.
We will enjoy a leisurely lunch there, and then return to Barra. Barra has excellent shopping, a small museum and some great café’s and restaurants. People will have free time to roam in Barra for a few hours until we meet at the rooftop of the Alondra Hotel for sunset. After sunset, there is the option to dine in Barra. The return to the hotel will need to be by taxi at the cost of 90 pesos ( approx.. $5 )for up to 4 people.


Other recommended destinations/excursions/activities:


Cuastacomates, a nearby beach town, has a lovely beach and snorkeling. There are reastaurants along the beachfront with umbrellas. All are welcome to relax and enjoy time unrushed, even just with the purchase of a drink. A nice option for a beach afternoon.  Early morning, it is a great walk to Cuastacomates (approx.. 45 minutes each way).

La Manzanilla is a nearby town that is reachable by public transport (12 pesos/$1 CAN) or by taxi (180pesos, approx. $13). La Manzanilla is known for it’s crocodiles, arts community, and long beach.

A Sunset Mangrove Crocodile and bird watching tour in La Manzanilla will be offered to the group (optional) for 400p (approx $20) per person.

Boca de Iguanas  is at the far end of the La Manzanilla beach. There is a boutique hotel/restaurant there (not much else) accessible by car or by a long walk on the beach. A beautiful spot with good food.



Horseback Riding

Skim Boarding


Paddle Boating


Yoga Classes



ask Dawn for more information and to help arrange any activities you are interested in.


Ukulele Vacations

Recommended Flight from Toronto

If you are able to fly out from Toronto, you can fly together with the teacher, Ben or Yuxiang, or group members. We recommend flying with Aeromexico with 1 stop over in Mexico City. (easy to book at

These are the details for this flight (subject to change).

Flight 1-

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 9:15am

Flight Number: AM693

Duration: 4 hours to Mexico City

Arrival Time: 1:30pm


Flight 2 –

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 6:05pm

Flight Number: AM2568

Duration: 1.5 hours to Manzanillo

Arrival Time: 7:30pm

You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. A late dinner will be served at the hotel.



Returning to Toronto, we recommend:


Flight 1

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 12:08am

Flight Number: AM2565

Duration: 1 hour 20 min to Mexico City

Arrival Time: 1:40pm


Flight 2

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 5:35pm

Flight Number: AM616

Duration: 4 hours to Toronto

Arrival Time: 11:30pm


If you are coming from somewhere else and it is easy to make your way to Mexico City, try to join the second flight (AM 2568 departing Mexico City at 6:05pm). People joining from other flights will likely need to taxi to the hotel. Please discuss your plans with Dawn.


Ukulele Vacations

Ukulele Party

Join us for a great party! Enjoy a week in a tropical paradise. Play in group classes, prepare new material to share at open mic performances, and enjoy the company of like minded musicians.

The Ukulele Party week will include lots of time for rest and relaxation. Enjoy the surf and sand on Melaque Bay just one block from your hotel.

For active types, there are opportunities to hike, take yoga classes, swimming and water sports, bike riding, horseback riding and more.

Breakfasts and lunches are included in the package. Delight in delicious Mexican meals prepared with the freshest ingredients with love. For dinner, venture into town for a variety of delectable options at local restaurants and food stands.

For more information contact