Ukulele Vacations

Recommended Flight from Toronto

If you are able to fly out from Toronto, we recommend flying with Aeromexico with 1 stop over in Mexico City. (easy to book at

If you are flying from anywhere else, we recommend you fly to Mexico City and join the group for the second flight (from Mexico City to Manzanillo).

In view of the detrimental effect of flying on the environment, we would like to encourage you to consider purchasing carbon offsets for your flight. There are many ways of doing this, including through some airlines when you purchase your ticket, and through independent organizations. Molly and Norman are donating to an organization based in Switzerland with high standards,, that has a calculator to tell how much carbon your fight is producing, and how much to offset it. Please note that the David Suzuki Foundation recommends NOT using tree planting to offset. Thanks for your support for our environment.

These are the details for this flight (subject to change- closer to the date we will have the exact times).

Flight 1-

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 9:15am from Toronto

Flight Number: AM693

Duration: 4 hours to Mexico City

Arrival Time: 1:30pm

Flight 2 –

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 6:05pm

Flight Number: AM2568

Duration: 1.5 hours to Manzanillo

Arrival Time: 7:30pm

You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. A late dinner will be served at the hotel.

Returning to Toronto, we recommend:

Flight 1

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 12:08am

Flight Number: AM2565

Duration: 1 hour 20 min to Mexico City

Arrival Time: 1:40pm

Flight 2

Airline: Aeromexico

Departure Time: 5:35pm

Flight Number: AM616

Duration: 4 hours to Toronto

Arrival Time: 11:30pm

If you are coming from somewhere else and it is easy to make your way to Mexico City, try to join the second flight (AM 2568 departing Mexico City at 6:05pm). People joining from other flights will likely need to taxi to the hotel. Please discuss your plans with Dawn.